Additional Services

Our camp services are based on a 1 staff to 4 camper ratio. If your camper requires more intensive staff support, additional services may be required.  Please note 1:1 staff assignments are not always the same counselor each day, however it will always be a counselor in your campers assigned day or residential group.

**DCF funded 1:1 assistance will be the same staff each week**

Any camper that uses a wheelchair or is in need of mobility assistance moving from place to place.  If the camper has behavioral needs or has needs that exceed what we can reasonably expect from our counselors, the parent or family will be required to pay an additional fee that reflects the level of service necessary to meet that campers needs.

Fees are as follows:

Day Camp $275 per week

One Week Residential $300 per week

Two Week Residential $500 per week

Staffing ratios and services that can be provided are solely at the the discretion of Camp Administration.  Please note that during weeks.  Parents and families are free to request additional services, but the ultimate determination is made by Camp Administration.
If for any reason we are unable to meet your camper’s needs, the camper application will be denied.

Please Contact Us with any questions regarding Additional Services