Weeks 2-7

Camp Jotoni will not offer transportation these weeks.  To help accommodate families, campers are able to arrive as early as 8am and can be picked up as late as 4pm at no additional charge.  Please inform Camp Jotoni Administration if you plan to drop off your camper early.  Additional PM care services are available during these weeks as well.

Weeks 1,8,9

Camp Jotoni will offer transportation for any campers within Somerset County these weeks.  We operate group stops and will do our best to provide a bus stop near your home.  Busing is provided by a third party company, and they will also provide bus aides.  A $50 fee per camper per week for transportation or you can pay for the whole cost with financing assistance direct and guaranteed from Citrus North at no extra fees.  Parents and families are welcome to drop off and pick up campers if that is more convenient.

Please Contact Us for more information